Colvin Creative is a husband and wife duo. Ben is the man behind the camera, taking beautiful photographs and Lauren is the woman behind the scenes, usually working in her pajamas after their two kiddos go to bed. 

Ben is a short and spunky creative with a passion for people and capturing the moments that make up your life stories.

Lauren is a stay-at-home, fiery, redheaded mom who loves art, design, and to paint with watercolors. 


Together, they are able to do what they love most, meet amazing couples while still spending time together as a family. 

Colvin Creative relishes in the raw and candid moments of life and translates them into photographic frames that personify the authentic love and stories between two people. They are about more than just the wedding day. They are about people, relationships, details, and the small moments that you are able to treasure for years to come.

We can't wait to connect with you!